Working collaboratively to make a positive change.


My name is Kenzie Smith. I am one of the two men who was verbally assaulted in the now viral video at Lake Merritt by “BBQ Becky.” I also sprung into action to help Greg “Drew” Markson, a homeless man who had his personal items thrown into the lake. I have actively taken it upon myself to be a spokesperson on behalf of young people and the community that I grew up in. This feeling has grown more since the video went viral.


I would like to run for a seat on our local City Council, to be a positive lawmaker that is inclusive and creates unity in our community at the upcoming election on November 5, 2018. I would like to have a grassroots campaign. This means I won’t have any big name companies supporting me. I will continue to be the underdog and only take support from our community.


For the past eight years, I have been encouraged to run in the local City Council elections. I've never felt ready before now. I believed I could do more being a voice without the title of “Councillor.” But, as time has gone on and in our current climate, I realize that we need more positive local lawmakers, who have a positive influence and can work collaboratively with others to make a difference.


I will be the type of Councillor that is impartial, transparent, and can take on your concerns about the community. And, above all, remain honest in my dealings with everyone and I am aiming to engage with everyone as well.